Dear Members and Families:

I hope that all of you are remaining safe during this health crisis.

Back in the spring, I wrote to you requesting your support for a Covid Relief Fund to assist our
employees dealing with shut down related layoffs.

The out-pouring of support for the Club and staff was truly heart-warming. The staff was extremely appreciative of this extra support and act of kindness. After this initial shut down, the Club was able to safely re-open.

As you may also be aware, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued an administrative emergency order on November 15, 2020 halting indoor dining through December 8, 2020. Today, the Michigan Restaurant Association was unable to convince a Federal judge in Michigan that the ban should be overturned. And based upon recent statements by the Governor, it is likely that this ban will be extended through the end of the year.

The cessation of indoor dining has caused the Club to furlough many of our employees (primarily consisting of bar and waitstaff, servers, valet, hostess and some kitchen staff).

As of now, neither congress nor the State of Michigan has offered these folks any special relief beyond the customary unemployment benefits. Due to these circumstances, I am once again appealing to the generosity of those of you that are able.

I am ordering a 6 foot wide by 2.5 foot high banner that will be printed on both sides stating something like “We (red heart symbol) our staff”. This banner will be proudly displayed in front of our building.

The banner will be signed by (or signed on behalf of) all members that are able to make a
$100 or more contribution. Your contribution (by check or credit card payment noting the purpose) will be separately accounted for by the Club to the membership and will be allocated by the General Manager and Board as reasonably necessary to help our employees through this tough time. You can mail a check to the Club or call with a credit card contribution. While these contributions will not replace the loss, they will offer an unexpected measure of comfort and support to our displaced Club staff.

Please frequent our website, watch your e-mails and Facebook over the coming weeks. Your Club is anxiously preparing for your “second” return as soon as state government gives us the green light.

If you are able, please consider this worthy cause. And if you have not enjoyed our carry out meals during the first shut down, I encourage you to place an order. I can assure you that the food is just as wonderful when consumed at home.

And until we are able to meet once again at the Club, I hope that you and yours remain safe as we look to get past this recent set back.

Wishing all our Members the Best,

Huron River Hunting & Fishing Club
Mark M. Snitchler
Mark M. Snitchler