Dear Members and Families:

I hope that all of you are remaining safe during these trying times.
Even though restrictions have been relaxed somewhat, we are still living with
capacity limitations. We are hopeful that the limitations will be eliminated for good
next month, but adjustments have to be made in the meantime to preserve the
financial health of the Club. Accordingly, we will again be open during the month
of July. That is with one minor exception, the Club will be closed from June 28
through July 5 to give us some time to perform necessary maintenance and
needed upgrades.

We know that this is a time for vacations and to satisfy pent up travel plans, but we
hope that when you are home you will patronize the Club and take advantage of
the additional month the Club is open this year.

Wishing all our Members the Best,

Huron River Club

Allan Pfitzenmaier