Dear Members and Families:

I hope that all of you are remaining safe especially as we begin to see the end of this pandemic.

As you know, the Club has been operating with capacity limitations for most of the year. Laura Fox and the staff have done a tremendous job to create a dining experience that feels pretty normal, while at the same time putting procedures in place to assure compliance with all Government mandates.  From social spacing to heightened cleaning, Laura Fox and the entire staff have gone to great lengths to make sure your dining experience is worry free. And just like always – Your reserved table is YOURS for the evening.

As we continue to live with these capacity limitations, your Club continues to deal with the financial challenges they present.  For the fiscal stability of our Club, your Board has approved a permanent increase in the Food & Beverage minimums, effective April 1, 2021. The Food & Beverage minimum for a four-month cycle will be $300. Each member will realize an annual increase of $150, which equates to an additional $50 per four-month cycle (generated by your last name) three times a year. This is still a bargain by any measure, and hasn’t been raised since ?????

We have been getting a lot of advice about keeping ourselves healthy, but the best way to keep our Club healthy is for our members to patronize it. The Staff is taking great measures to provide great food in a safe dining environment. We are confident that great food and exceptional service provided in the safe confines of your Club will help relieve your pandemic induced stress.

If you are still leery about venturing out, don’t forget that we continue to provide carry out meals. Be assured that the food is just as wonderful when consumed at home. And until we meet again at the Club, I hope that you and yours remain safe as we slowly re-engage into social life.

Wishing all our Members the Best,

Huron River Hunting & Fishing Club

Allan Pfitzenmaier