Dear Members:

It’s a pleasure to announce that the 2017 Board of Directors has authorized incentives for our members to recruit new members. Please continue to recruit deserving member candidates, and the Board will review their credentials. As we strive to maintain the traditions and standards we are all accustomed to at the HRC, we must also stand together in maintaining membership.

Many marketing tools are available at the Club which will help educate potential members on the benefits of membership. Membership information can also be found on our membership page, or you can stop by the hostess window. I look forward to meeting your friends, family and colleagues that you believe would be a good addition to our club.

Guideline of incentives:

  • 1st New Member: $100 in HRC dollars
  • 2nd New Member: $100 in HRC dollars
  • 3rd New Member: $200 in HRC dollars

You will continue to earn $200 in HRC dollars for every new member after 3. The HRC dollars can be used towards meals, merchandise, or towards your monthly statement.


Tod Truxell
President / Board of Directors