Dear Members,

As we review the current status of the Club I am proud to tell you that we have a strong financial position, solid membership and exciting events coming up.

I mentioned in February that we introduced member incentives to stimulate membership growth while maintaining a solid member roster.  One major topic the Board discusses monthly is the development of the millennial executives in order to generate the flow of all age groups as participating members of the Club.

The new campaign for member recruitment is as follows:


*21 to 35 years of age

*Family, friend or associate of current member

* Initiation Fee $ 500

* Annual Dues $ 375

* Food and Beverage minimum $250 in a four month period, three times a year

We encourage members to reach out to deserving member candidates that fit this category, and the Board will review their credentials.

I look forward to meeting your family, friends and associates that you feel may be a good addition to our Club.



Tod Truxell

President / Board of Directors