Huron River Hunting & Fishing Club

Celebrating 91 Years of Time Honored Traditions!

Since Eugene and Rhoda Rennard founded Huron River Hunting & Fishing Club in 1923, the Club has been a source of quality food and exceptional service. What began as a one husband and wife’s dream to offer a place where hunters and fishermen could gather to bond over good food and drink has become a traditional gathering place for family, friends and business. It remains today, as it always has been, a traditional place where friendships form and flourish over a good meal and a warm friendly atmosphere.

Today, the Rennards' vision remains the centerpiece of the Huron River Club’s mission; the intimate, exclusive, and comfortable enjoyment of our members and their families.

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~It's August and we are back~

~The Annual Baking of the Clams outdoor event will be held on Saturday, September 6th at 5:00 pm~ Yes we will have two large screen TV's for the Michigan & Michigan State football fans, not to worry. A few of the event highlights include entertainment provided by the Lisa D & E Band, the ever popular crab races, enjoy whole Maine lobsters, mussels, clams, roasted pig and a delicious Buffet for the non seafood Members as well. There will be plenty of room to mix & mingle, dance and enjoy the liquid libations at the tiki bar; the south patio is always available for our cigar lovers. Please mark your calendar, call the Club to reserve your table for this fabulous fun outdoor event known as the CLAMBAKE!! ~248-477-1000~


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