Huron River Hunting & Fishing Club

Celebrating 91 Years of Time Honored Traditions!

Since Eugene and Rhoda Rennard founded Huron River Hunting & Fishing Club in 1923, the Club has been a source of quality food and exceptional service. What began as a one husband and wife’s dream to offer a place where hunters and fishermen could gather to bond over good food and drink has become a traditional gathering place for family, friends and business. It remains today, as it always has been, a traditional place where friendships form and flourish over a good meal and a warm friendly atmosphere.

Today, the Rennards' vision remains the centerpiece of the Huron River Club’s mission; the intimate, exclusive, and comfortable enjoyment of our members and their families.

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Annaul Dues 2015

For your convenience, you will receive your Annual Dues statement in the mail by November 20th; please take a moment to read the letter enclosed, it contains important information for all Members.


"State of the Club" Annual Meeting *Tuesday, November 25, 6 pm sharp

Please take this oopportunity to join fellow Members to elect a new Member to the Board of Directors and discuss important matters of the Club. The Dress Code is Fireside; Jackets and Tie for the Gentlemen and Business attire for the Women. Just as a reminder, only the "Voting Member" may attend the meeting; no Spouses or Guests allowed. Please see the docments below with regards to the Candidates biography and general information of the Annual Meeting.

~If you wish to vote but can not attend the meeting, please stop by the Club and cast your vote at the ballot box located in the office area, back door entrance only; 8:30 am - 5:30 pm~



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